Printer Ribbons


WAX THERMAL RIBBONS - Our wax thermal ribbon is a premium wax grade for maximum print performance. High carbon content guarantees sharp black images - crucial for the printing of graphics, text and barcodes. These ribbons have been developed top provide maximum performance upon a broad range of coated and plain paper. Image density, edge definition combined with a low energy release combine to deliver a first class solution for today’s markets.

WAX RESIN THERMAL RIBBONS - Our wax resin grade of thermal ribbon provides perfect print performance. Wax resin is a high end solution, particularly suited to the high volume segment of labelling, providing versatility over a broad range of both film media and paper.

RESIN THERMAL RIBBONS - Our high performance resin ribbon is an approved resin ribbon crafted to work with almost all thermal transfer printers operating in industrial and retail environments. This is a premium solution best suited where high durability is of paramount importance, offering exceptionally versatility over an enormous range of synthetic and paper media.

Outstanding image density, edge definition combined with a low energy release deliver a solid, single source solution for today’s markets.


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